Our brand new dog training centre will be opening in April where we will be offering 20 training classes a week, Doggie day care, hydrotherapy, grooming and 1-1's!

We offer a wide range of Dog Training and Behaviour services covering Barnsley and surrounding areas. We can also help anyone in the UK through Skype consultations.


1-1 home visits for:

    ✔Behavioural problems


    ✔Basic Obedience 


Group Classes for:


    ✔General Obedience

    ✔Fun Gundog


    ✔Rowdy Rovers (for reactive dogs)

We are family run.

EVERY 1-1 is conducted by Lucy, and every training class is run by Lucy and assisted by Les. Meaning you will always get experienced, qualified coaching at every class or visit, this also means we get to know you and your dog giving you a more personal, friendly and laid back experience.

Lucy is qualified and has 10 years experience, with continuous learning invested in.

Methods are simple and easy to follow, with minimal 'training equipment' needed. This produces amazing results being achieved in both classes and 1-1's in all areas, as proven by our reviews.

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Why is being qualified so important?

The dog training industry is unfortunately unregulated, meaning anyone can call themselves a dog behaviourist but you wouldn't take your car to a mechanic who wasn't qualified or expect a good job from someone who 'tinkered' with cars in their spare time.

Why is experience also important?

There isn't one size fits all when it comes to dog training and behaviour modification, each dog is different, body language can be very subtle, every circumstance is different therefore every training plan needs to be individual to the situation and the dog.

Why is up to date important?

Even doctors constantly attend seminars and training days to keep their knowledge up to date with scientific advancement. You wouldn't expect to get a good diagnostic and treatment from a doctor who qualified 20 years ago if they had had no other training in those 20 years.

WHY? Because science allows us to discover new, safer, more effective treatments. Science isn't an opinion, it is facts.

Science is advancing and this gives us a much better insight into dog behaviour and how they learn, this should be utilised to its fullest and any opportunity to be kinder to our best friends, understand them better.

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