Doggy Day Care

As of April 2018 we will be adding doggie daycare to our list of services.

Our doggie daycare service will be run in a purpose built indoor all weather venue which has 4000sq ft of space for your dog to run and play in.

The area will be spilt into three sections: one area for small dogs, one area for medium/large dogs and an area for puppies. Throughout the day we will also be training all the dogs in basic obedience such as: self control, sit, reponding to their name, calm behaviour and much much more. No aversive equipment or techniques such as water sprays will be used in our centre!

Your dog will be walked throughout the day on a small green area outside the centre for toiletting, we can give your dog their lunch and will also be breaking out the interactive, puzzle solving toys for quiet time and brain work.

All members of staff will be trained in canine behaviour and training.

All dogs will be fully assessed by Lucy our qualified dog behaviourist to ensure that they will enjoy doggie daycare to the fullest, please do not be offended if we think that your dog won't be suited for doggie daycare. We have your dogs, and the other dogs in our care, interest and welfare at heart.

No expense has been spared on the flooring choice. We will have a specialist rubber floor laid which is anti-slip and shock absorbent and specially designed for dogs!

We are currently operating a waiting list for daycare which already has a large number of dogs on it, so if you would like your dog to attend our doggie daycare then please get in touch ASAP.

07809205855 or [email protected]

We will be opening up our brand spanking new daycare and training centre in April 2018, if you would like more details about doggy daycare for your dog then please get in touch.

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