Are you insured?

Yes, I am insured with Cliverton, who cover me for lost of key and public liability schedule of insurance can be shown on request..

What happens in an Emergency situation?

If I attend your property to collect your dog and find your dog(s) need urgent veterinary care, or your dog becomes ill or injured during the walk, then I will either try to get in contact with you the owner, your emergency contact, or contact your own vet (as stated on your contract) and transport your dog to the vets ASAP, I will then continue to get in contact with you, if contact hasn’t already been made, to let you know what has happened and keep you up to date.

What areas of Barnsley are covered?

Woolley Grange, Athersley, Dodworth, Lundwood, Town centre, Hemingfield and surrounding areas. Please ring to confirm if I am able to get to your area.

What happens during adverse weather (hot or cold)?

During adverse weather conditions your dog’s welfare comes first. If it is too hot, then I will do a short walk for a toilet break then spend time indoors where it is cooler, take your dog(s) to local woods where it is usually cooler or allow your dog time in the garden and make sure plenty of water is available.

If it is too cold/icy then I will again shorten the time your dog(s) spends outside, depending on age and breed. Some breeds are much better protected for cold weather or if you have a dog coat for your dog then these dogs can spend more time out on a walk. If it is very icy then I will try my best to avoid icy areas (particularly with young or old dogs) to prevent the dog from slipping and potentially harming itself. Another factor during cold/wintery conditions is travelling, I will try my best to get to dog(s) if owners are stuck at work etc or the weather has got worse since you left for work so are unable to get back to your dog. I will prioritise those dogs whose owners haven’t been able to stay home for work etc.

What security do you have set in place for personal details and keys?

All personal details collected at ‘meet and greets’ are kept in a locked filing cabinet at my home in a secure place, not on view, this includes keys when I am back home after completing the last walk of the day. They are kept on my person during the day, with colour coded key rings, this is so I know whose key is whose but they have no address etc on them.

What happens if you are taken ill and unable to walk my dog?

If I am too ill to walk your dog, I will notify you as soon as possible, any owners who are unable to make alternative arrangements for their dog(s) then I have staff and partner, who are covered under my insurance and will know the ‘business’ and many of the dogs, who will be able to cover walks for me.