As well as 1-1 basic and behavioural sessions and group classes, we also hold smaller block sessions for recall issues see below for details.

Contact Lucy 07809 205 855, [email protected] for more details.


This course is designed for dogs who have their basic training but have zero recall, for dogs who you can never let off lead during walks or when you do its a constant stress, worry and game of chase the dog and you go home fustrated and tired.

The course will completely change the relationship you have with your dog from one where everything but you are interesting to your dog to one where you are the focus of their atttention. All achieved with no bribing and force free. Transforming your walks into the relaxing activity they should be, no matter what breed or age.


This is a 4 week course, with sessions being once a week, so it won't tie you down for months, the first session is class room based with no dogs. The next 3 sessions will be 45 minute long practical sessions conducted in a private, secure, large indoor arena.

The classes are kept very small for individual attention..

''We took part in Lucy's Reliable Recall course in January. I have to say I was sceptical that Luna would ever be able to be lead free, but after the four week course and then continuing the training for another month or so, Luna's Recall is amazing!!! Lucy is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her services to anyone, we can't thank you enough!''

''Lucy has been training oliver for a while, we have done the reliable recall course and loved it , will be booking the agility course shortly, I recommend Lucy very highly for your dog training''


Full Course is £60 for 4 week course

Next course starts on Wednesday 18th of July at 19:30

Contact Lucy 07809 205 855, [email protected] for more details or to book your space.