Dedicated Puppy 1-1's

At Pawsitive Pooches we offer a range of dedicated puppy packages designed to give you and your puppy a fantastic head start and take the stress out of finding and training your pup to be your perfect family pet or to help you resolve any issues you are facing with your new pup.

I can teach you how to train your puppy for any basic obedience and help with any puppy related issues.

Getting a puppy soon?

Not sure which breed or puppy to get?

Has it been a long time since you last had a puppy in the family?

Do you want your new family member to grow into a well mannered adult, who is a great part of your family?

Want to involve the kids in the training, in a safe environment?

Are you unsure of the correct methods to use and the changes in today’s dog training methods?

Do you need support and guidance throughout your pups life-stages from 8 weeks to 18 months?

Puppy Training

Your puppy requires gentle handling and guidance through positive training methods from 8 weeks old and onwards.

Getting a new family member in the form of a puppy can be an immensely rewarding experience, and a great addition to your family, but at the same time it can be the most stressful and daunting time for you as a dog owner, with many owners not knowing what to do or where to go when their cute puppy starts biting the kids, weeing all over the house and barking at everything, resulting in a miserable life for both you and your puppy and the possibility of you feeling you have to find a new home for your puppy.

Between 12 weeks and 18 months old is the time when most dogs are found a new home by owners who haven’t had the support and guidance they needed to prevent issues from cropping up or put things right.

By joining us today on 1-1 training session in your home environment, We will be with you every step of the way so you never take a wrong turn, with support, guidance and a shoulder to cry on when it gets really tough. Together we will use kind and scientific methods to achieve what you want to achieve with your puppy through to adulthood and everything in between.

What will me and my puppy learn?

•House training

•Crate and confinement training

•Basic commands



•Loose lead walking

•Different training methods (using only kind force free methods and why forceful dominance training doesn’t work)

•Challenges and changes you will face as your pup grows

•Health concerns

•Breed traits


•Socialisation and Habituation

•First walk

•Puppy’s and kids

And lots lots more

Contact me today to book you and your family in for your 1-1 consultation.

[email protected] 07809 205 855

Prices and Packages:

1 hour session at our training centre to discuss any problems you are having with your pup, discuss how to train your pup and discuss puppy related issues, includes puppy pack. £40

2 hour session at your own home to discuss any problems you are having with your pup, discuss how to train your pup and discuss puppy related issues, includes puppy pack £70

We also run a 5 week puppy course on Saturdays and Tuesdays, see our group classes page for more info.

Full Puppy Package:

Many people are unsure of where to start when looking for the right puppy, which breed, which breeder, what happens if I accidentally chose a back yard breeder, will my puppy be socialised and brought up well by the breeder all these are valid and real worries when it comes to finding the right family member to fit in with your lifestyle and budget making puppy purchasing stressful.

Why not let me take care of all that for you, whilst still allowing you to be part of the process. I have over 10 years experience of the dog world, puppy's, breeders and training, therefore I am well equiped to help you find your perfect puppy and know what to look for.

Whats included in the price?

  • Initial consultation/meeting of the family
  • Explore which breed is best for your family
  • I will locate and find the perfect breeder for you
  • I will check all health testings/temperment tests have been done on the parents (if required)
  • Help you choose which puppy out of the litter is best for you
  • 2 x 1.5 hour consultations (as above)

All this for £400

Each dog and their family is different, so please contact me for a personalised quote giving a brief description of your dogs issues and/or what you would like to train your puppy to do.

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Contact: Lucy, 07809 205 855, [email protected]

puppy training

puppy training

puppy training

Me training Prince the Rottie puppy

Boxer puppy's!