We offer a wide range of training classes:

Puppy Class

Rowdy Rovers

Fun Gundog Training

General Obedience

Terrible Teens

Practical Pooches

Classes are held at our canine training centre on Fallbank Industrial Estate, Dodworth, S75 3LS

Would you like a well behaved dog? Having problems with your dog? Want to get your puppy off to the best start?

Then join our training classes were we can teach you how to teach your dog all the basics they need to be a well behaved member of the family as well as other skills to keep your pooch busy and active.

We have a class for just about every dog! Sessions are all fun and practical. They are held in our purpose built training centre which has all the equipment needed to successfully train you and your pooch, including a 'mock-home' area! All classes are instructed by Lucy and are small in size with no more than 8 in a class with 2 trainers.

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Puppy Class:

Puppy class

  • Open to all dogs between 2 and 6 months old
  • A unique training class and environment.
  • Basic obedience, confidence building and socialising
  • Small class sizes
  • Certificates and rosettes awarded at the end of the course.

Once you have completed this course you and your dog are able to move onto the follow on Terrible Teens class

£60 for 5 week course, next courses start: Saturday 21st July 14:30 Tuesday 31st of July 18:30 Saturday 1st of September 14:30 Tuesday 4th of September 18:30 Saturday 6th of October 14:30

Puppy/beginners class Wednesday 8th of August at 10am Contact me to book your place: [email protected], 07809 205 855

We also run puppy playdates on Thursday at 18:30 and Saturdays at 1pm, £5 per session for your pup to come along to our training centre and play with other puppy's

''I'm so pleased to have been introduced to pawsitive pooches. The vet nurse at our practice recommended as she uses them herself, which is always a good recommendation in my book. My JRT Seamus is currently at puppy class and doing really really well. Just as important I am being taught how to train my pup correctly. The dogs are reward trained, no harsh words or pulling leads. They learn because they want to learn. My aim is for a well trained happy dog I feel I have a mentor now In Lucy who I can discuss any problems with. The advice is achievable and effective. No stress. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much Seamus and I can accomplish with guidance from these wonderful trainers''


Terrible Teens

  • Follow on from puppy course
  • Suitable for anyone who has already completed a puppy course
  • For older dogs who haven't had basic training
  • Once completed you can then move onto our general obedience classes
  • Fun and practical

£60 for 5 week course, next courses start on: Saturday 14th of July 15:30 Tuesday 31st July 19:30 Saturday 18th of August 15:30 Tuesday 4th of September 19:30 Saturday 29th of September 15:30

Contact me to book your place: [email protected], 07809 205 855


Beginners Pet Gundog Training

Gundog training Do you have a crazy Spaniel or a manic Lab or any other 'gundog' breed?

Then this is the course for you. The sessions are fun and laid back and designed to help you channel your dogs energy into developing skills they were born to do. This course is for those you want to have fun with their dog and learn a new skill to show off with in the park. The course covers the following:

  • Stop whistle
  • Directional Commands/Cues
  • Steadyness
  • Dummy Retrieves
  • Recall
  • Heelwork
  • Stays
  • Open to all dogs over the age of 6 months old
  • Open to all breeds, although 'gundog' breeds will find it easier
  • Limited Spaces
  • Training Equipment Provided

3 hours workshop £40 Our next workshop is the 12th August 9am-12pm

Contact me to book your place: [email protected], 07809 205 855


Practical Pooches

  • Open to any breed
  • Learn fun skills for your dog to help at at home with such as, opening doors, turning on lights and picking things up
  • Gets your dog thinking and working
  • Fun and practical

£62 for 5 week course, next courses start on Wednesday the 18th of July at 18:30

Contact me to book your place: [email protected], 07809 205 855


Rowdy Rovers Class:

Do you have a reactive dog? A dog which barks at people, other dogs or anything which moves?

Then this could be the course for you. Reactive dog course

This course is designed for dogs who are frustrated when out, or mildy fearful of other dogs or triggers which therefore makes them bark, pull and lunge.

The course provides a safe and controlled environment with instruction from a qualified behaviourist to guide you and your dog through the training to help you work towards changing your dogs behaviour.

The course will cover and provide:

  • Theory behind reactive behaviour and why
  • Methods
  • Lead work
  • Dog body language
  • Practice setups
  • Stooge dogs
  • Equipment needed to successfully complete your training, safety and management
  • Expectations and goals, Changes and considerations.
  • Priming the clicker, getting to know the LAT Game, common mistakes.
  • Self control games
  • DRI’s
  • Emergency manoeuvres
  • Capturing calming signals
  • Enrichment and lots more.

Spaces are very limited.

6 week course is £100

Our next 6 week course starts Wednesday the 1th of August at 20:30 (FULL) and September the 12th 20:30

Contact me to book your place: [email protected], 07809 205 855

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training classes

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