1-1 Behavioural Consultations

Here at Pawsitive Pooches we specialise in reactive dogs, but can help with any behavioural issue your dog has such as:

  • Fear/Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression
  • Biting
  • Low confidence
  • Food/toy aggression and lots more...

Contact us 07809205855 or [email protected]

My experience/qualifications

I have been training people and their dogs for over 10 years, through one to one training sessions and group classes, successfully dealing with a variety of issues. I have trained my own dogs to a high standard and train and compete with them in various dog sports. I am constantly keeping my knowledge up to date to enable me to find a solution for you and your dog using kind, reward based methods. I am also member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild) an association for force free training. I have qualifications with the ADTB and I am currently working towards a MSc in applied animal behaviour and training.

Contact Lucy on 07809 205 855 or [email protected] to see how I can help you.

''Had a behavioural consultation yesterday for my dog and feeling very positive not only did Lucy explain everything in detail we have immediate results too. Looking forward to changing my dogs behaviour permanently over the next couple of months. Well worth the money''



£200 consultation including a full write up and in depth training plan, no time limit, demostration of training exercises, email, text and FB support

Follow up sessions: are £45 per hour. Phone calls, texts, email and message support is FOC.

Please note, if you have a set budge which is below the above then please contact me and I will try to put a package together for you to fit in with your budget

Contact us 07809205855 or [email protected]

''We contacted Lucy for advice with our British Bulldog Chubbs. At the time he was displaying high anxiety around strangers. He needed his confidence building up etc. With Lucy's support ( always at the end of the phone,anytime) and a detailed training plan, we have triumphed in having a more relaxed calm boy. Can't thank Lucy enough! Highly recommend to anyone''

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Why do I specialise in reactive dogs

Dealing with and training a reactive dog is the most difficult, emotional, draining and upsetting issue any dog owner can come up against.

Everyone goes through a period where they want to rehome their dog or send it back to where they got it from as the behaviour becomes too much to deal with. BUT...I promise you it is also the most rewarding experience you will ever have when you can finally walk past another dog (or person) and your dog happily walks on by. You will have a bond with your dog which most people will envy and know more about dog behaviour than you ever thought you would. This is what I find the most rewarding experience about helping owners with their reactive dog’s, I also feel the owners happiness when they have been for a walk around a country park or to the seaside and both them and their dog have enjoyed it with smiles all round.

For me it is about helping people to get their life back with their dogs. There are no quick fixes or guarantee’s, each dog and owner are different and will progress at different paces.

I am qualified and experience to help you deal and resolve these issues using positive reinforcement and force free methods.

I can help and advise you why your dog is reacting and show you how to train them to no longer bark and lunge.

This video was taken about 2 months after Jake started his training. His owners came to me as Jake was barking and lunging at passing dogs. He is still a work in progress but here he is playing with one of my dogs.

''We have had a fab couple of days with Jake! Today we actual sat at a bench outside a cafe and he didn't react once!! So proud of him!! It's a good feeling when you feel you are getting some where... Thanks Lucy!!!'' Jakes owner.