Lucy and Les's Dogs:

Suzy, Brian, Rosa and Walter

Suzy is a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Barnsley Animal Rescue. She is a fantastic worker who LOVES agility, she is currently grade 1 at agility. Suzy is still extremley active for her age and eager to learn.

Brian is a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier we've had him since he was 7 week old. He's is a favourite with everyone due to his loveable character. He is easily excited and loves people.

After a few bad experiences with other dogs jumping on Brians back to 'hump' him and excessively sniffing him he has become reactive to dogs approaching him whilst he is on lead. He does not bark and lunge at other dogs but if they come up to his face he snaps at them to go away. Off lead Brian is fine and I have taught him to come back to me and sit inbetween my ankles so I can move the other dog away from him. He's very happy with this but we are yet to crack this problem on lead as it doesn't come up often enough to train it.

Brian is very chilled in the house and likes a bit of a playfight with Rosa as well as picking up and destroying anything he finds out on a walk, but never in the house!

Rosa is a 3 year old Malinois we've had since she was 8 weeks old from a very carefully selected, ethical breeder. We were very lucky to have found our breeder and be allowed to have one of her puppy's. Malinois are not a breed for everyone; they are high energy, high drive, protective and extremely intelligent. We did lots of research before deciding a Malinois was for us.

Rosa can be shy of new people and is wary of strangers, although non-aggressive. She is an amazing dog, ridiculously intelligent and will work all day, she has no problems assisting with 3 hours worth of classes.

Rosa will do anything and everything. I have trained her in obedience, agility, gundog training and working trials. She loves all of it and learning what ever she can to earn that reward, FOOD!

Walter is also a Belgain Malinois and is currently 8 months old. He is already showing great promise for agility and scentwork. He is a little more energetic than Rosa, is cheeky and occasionally naughty! He is doing lots and lots of socialisation by meeting and greeting as many people and dogs as possible and going to lots of different places. He loves playing fetch and tug.

Amy's dog


Mac is a Saluki Greyhound and has the funniest sense of humour ( can dogs have a sense of humour?)

Mac is 7 years old, I'm sure he thinks he is the canine version of Peter Pan. He's never really grown up! He loves nothing more than going for a long walk with his dad, and finishing off at the local pub. He knows all the locals and is dearly fussed. He has so much energy, almost impossible at times to video him when he's running. Outside he's definately a daddy's boy but at home it's me he comes to for the cuddles.

Alex's dogs

Nell, Mia, Izzy, Pippa, Penny, Billy, Lily, Pepsi, Bruce, Puggles, Spud, Sky, Saffie, Sally, Zara and Nala.

Alex has 16 dogs at home! There is Nell an 18 month old WCS who is a fab beating and agility dog, Mia a ESS, Izzy a WCS, Pippa also a WCS, Penny the ESS, Billy a ESS, two Frenchies called Lily and Pepsi, a Dogue De Bordeux called Bruce, Puggles the Pug, Spud the Cavapoo, Sky the Toy Poodle, two Patterdales called Saffie and Sally, Zara the GSD and Nala the ESS. Nearly all have featured as demo-dogs or taken part in classes and been the models for Lucy's Ebooks.

Kerry's brood

Bear, Lily, Pepper, Sooty, Ruby, Teddy and Charlie