Welcome to Pawsitive Pooches

Here at Pawsitive Pooches we offer professional Pet Services in the Barnsley area, including dog walking, small animal visits and cat visits and dog training and behaviour. The service is run by myself, Lucy and my partner Les. We offer a service which we would expect our own animals to receive and treat them as we would our own. This is a successful expanding business built on trust and years of experience doing what we love and enjoy. We are happy to take on all breeds, any size and any age. We live in Barnsley with our 3 dogs and Beryl the cat.


Dog with prize ribons I have 10 years experience working with dogs, from competing with our own dogs in various dog sports, fostering rescue dogs, walking rescue dogs and as a professional dog walker (5 years self employed). I am the head trainer for Pawsitive Pooches and the first point of contact for any enquiries.

I am a full member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild- an organisation for force-free training) the 'National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists', the 'Institute for Animal Care Education' and the 'International Society for Animal Professionals' and I have current qualifications with the ADTB, up to Gold level as well as reading in excess of 50 books in relation to dog training, behaviour, psychology and physiology.

I am currently working towards an ‘Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Management’ with Compass Education and I have recently been accepted to complete an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training at Bishop Burton as of next September, my current degree is for psychology and criminology.

Near future plans are to complete my MSc next year and continue my education through a variety of dog training courses and seminars as well as to complete and publish some EBooks and online training courses.

I offer 1-1 behavioural consultations for basic training and behavioural issues, mostly 'reactive' dogs as well as workshops and group classes for puppy's and adult dogs on a weekly basis, which I have been running for the last 3 years. To date I have trained 8 dogs myself and around 100 dogs and their handlers for a variety of issues. I also have 6 years experience of working on behalf of a high profile animal welfare charity, so I have extremely good knowledge of the Animal Welfare Act.

Lucy and Suzy doing agility training

Some of the short courses I have completed:

  • Grisha Stewart's 'Barking Mad Course: BAT and other Techniques for Frustration'
  • Dog Emotion and Cognition
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Animal behaviour

These experiences and extensive research and involvement with all things animal, throughout the last 10 years have given me extensive knowledge about pet care, particularly dog training and behaviour. This knowledge is modern and I am always educating myself on the most recent training methods, animal care and handling.

Dog with prize ribons


Les also provides the dog walking side of the service and assists in classes. He has a few years experience of handling dogs and has been helping run the dog walking side for the last 4 years. He has a genuine love of dogs and is expanding his knowledge of dog behaviour and training.

Les used to be a manager for the Legal Aid Department and an Animal Welfare Organisation but joined in on the business full time in Febuary 2016 and hasn't looked back since.

We are:

  • DBS checked.
  • Extensive up to date knowledge of dog behaviour
  • Fully insured.
  • Doggy first aid trained.
  • References available.
  • Fully committed.

Contact me today to see how I can help you, on 07809205855


Suzy is a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We got Suzy from Barnsley Animal Rescue when she was around 18 months old, she had been there for quite a while and constantly over looked due to her excited behaviour in the kennel. She would whine and jump up at the bars and cling onto them. I saw she had so much potential and I wasn't wrong. She is a fantastic worker who LOVES agility, she is currently grade 1 at agility due a few years break we took, but is entered in a few competitions for this year so watch this space! Suzy is still extremley active for her age and eager to learn.

Suzy is very lazy at home and will sleep allllll day, but does like to shred and destroy the odd toy.


Brian is a 5 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We have had Brian since he was 7 week old. He's is a favourite with everyone due to his exsubrant behaviour and loveable character. He is easily excited and loves people. Brian was neutered when he was 3 years old due to us getting an entire bitch. I very much regret having Brian neutered as he suffered a massive dip in confidence afterwards.

After a few bad experiences with other dogs jumping on Brians back to 'hump' him and excessively sniffing him he has become reactive to dogs approaching him whilst he is on lead. He does not bark and lunge at other dogs but if they come up to his face he snaps at them to go away. Off lead Brian is fine and I have taught him to come back to me and sit inbetween my ankles so I can move the other dog away from him. He's very happy with this but we are yet to crack this problem on lead as it doesn't come up often enough to train it. He also finds class situations stressful due to other dogs being close to him, so you won't see him very often at our classes. He is also very sensitive when training him, although he is a very smart dog and has a high drive, he does not like it if he thinks he has done it wrong and not earned his reward. This means training has to be done at a steady pace for him, with me always ensuring he feels he is doing amazingly well and constantly succeeding.

Brian is very chilled in the house and likes a bit of a playfight with Rosa as well as picking up and destroying anything he finds out on a walk, but never in the house!


Rosa is a 3 year old Malinois. We have had Rosa since she was 8 weeks old from a very carefully selected, ethical breeder. We were very lucky to have found our breeder and be allowed to have one of her puppy's. Malinois are not a breed for everyone; they are high energy, high drive, protective and extremely intelligent. We did lots of research before deciding a Malinois was for us. Rosa can be shy of new people and is wary of strangers, although non-aggressive, but she is an amazing dog, ridiculously intelligent and will work all day, she has no problems assisting we with 3 hours worth of classes and still being ready to go. Although she does also have a good off switch. Rosa will do anything and everything. I have trained her in obedience, agility, gundog training and working trials. She loves all of it and learning what ever she can to earn that reward, FOOD! In her spare time she likes being on 'watch' from the living room window and sleeping!


Walter is also a Belgain Malinois and is currently 5 months old. He is already showing great promise for agility and scentwork. He is a little more energetic than Rosa, is cheeky and occasionally naughty! He is doing lots and lots of socialisation by meeting and greeting as many people and dogs as possible and going to lots of different places. He loves playing fetch and tug.


Had a behavioural consultation yesterday for my dog and feeling very positive not only did Lucy explain everything in detail we have immediate results too. Looking forward to changing my dogs behaviour permanently over the next couple of months. Well worth the money

Pat, Behavioural Training

We contacted Lucy for advice with our British Bulldog Chubbs. At the time he was displaying high anxiety around strangers. He needed his confidence building up etc. With Lucy's support ( always at the end of the phone,anytime) and a detailed training plan, we have triumphed in having a more relaxed calm boy. Can't thank Lucy enough! Highly recommend to anyone.

Michelle, Chubbs Owner, Behavioural Training

Jake and I love our sessions! Jake is coming on brilliantly and I thank you for your dedication and hard work!!

Kayla, Jakes Owner, Reactive behaviour

For us Lucy provides an invaluable service as a family work commitments dictate. We work different shifts each week therefore it was difficult to find a dog walker for Snoopy. Lucy is very flexible, working around our requirements of different days and times each week. Having worked with Lucy for over 1 year she has never said ‘no’ to any request and has been 100% reliable come rain, snow or blow Lucy has always been there to walk Snoopy. Lucy goes above and beyond; when Lucy called to walk Snoopy she found that he had become seriously ill. In what was an awful situation Lucy kept calm and reacted quickly, communicating what was happening to us and arranging to take Snoopy to the vets on our behalf, not forgetting the severe snow and a five stone dog that couldn’t walk. That didn’t faze Lucy; she simply used a sledge to transport Snoopy ‘a true professional’ and a life saver. We completely trust Lucy and know that Snoopy is in very ‘safe hands’.

Anna and Anthony, Snoopy’s owners, Walks.

Lucy has been walking Barney for a couple of years now and we have during that time always felt we have received an excellent service, Lucy is punctual, reliable and most important of all has developed a lovely relationship with Barney, Lucy always tried to accommodate us if we need to change days, she is flexible and a pleasure to know. I trust Lucy and have always felt Barney is safe and well cared for by Lucy. It is always quite worrying to leave a much loved member of your family with someone but I would recommend Lucy without reservation. I always get good feedback about Barney’s walks and how he’s been and Lucy has sometimes walked Barney with her own dogs, which he totally loves. It’s great that I know that he is having a great time!

Keeley, Barney’s owner, Walks

I can definitely recommend Lucy at Pawsitive Pooches! Lucy walks my two labs and they love her to bits! She’s part of their pack now! They always know when she’s coming and wait for her to arrive. Lucy is a godsend looking after our babies like she does, thanks Lucy!! Xx

Tilly, Toby and Lucy’s owner, Walks.

Lucy and Les have been walking Amy my Great Dane for at least 4 years now. Amy adores Les and Les is great with her. They are extremely reliable, I think only one missed walk, due to weather conditions. They are very flexible and often fit in extra walks at short notice if I have meetings to attend. Highly recommended.

Carol, Amy's Owner, Walks

I attended recall classes with my mum and her dog Molly and Lucy was fab! Really professional and good with the dogs. She was always on hand to offer support or advise. Also when mum was away, Lucy walked Molly to ease the walking for me as I was dog sitting. Looking forward to the next pulling on s lead course!

Molly's Owner, Reliable Recall Course