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If you are looking for hydrotherapy for your dog to help with fitness, injury or rehabilitation then I would recommend Nicola at Wagtails Hydrotherapy.

Nicola is a registered veterinary nurse (RVN) with 20 years experience in the field and has a certificate in canine hydrotherapy with Hawksmoore. She also runs canine first aid classes for pet owners and those in the canine care industry, as well as micro-chipping and canine semen testing.

She is based in Oxspring

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Did you know...

A ten minute swim is equivalent to a 5 mile walk but without the adding stress on the dogs joints!

Swimming in a controlled environment is great for the following :

Cardiovascular system the warm water increase body temperature which increases circulation because as it causes the blood vessels to dilate. This in turn, delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body whilst taking ways toxins.

Muscular system swimming is non-weight bearing, therefore it reduces unnecessary stress on the joints and ligaments. It also helps reduce pain and spasm due to the relaxing effect the water has on the muscles. If your dog has had an operation and needs to build up muscle this is a great way to do so.

swimming for dogs

Respiratory-system the increased respiratory rate from swimming helps detox the body by carrying excess carbon monoxide away and increasing oxygen. It is also great for increasing overall fitness levels.

Lymphatic system swimming in water decreases inflammation and improves the immune system as well as increased lymphatic drainage.

It also helps with the reproduction system by increasing hormones which in turn helps the body’s other systems. Digestion is helped by smooth muscles relaxing which in turn feeds the body with nutrients. The water can also help the kidneys ridding toxins and waste products by it providing increased blood flow via the kidneys. This is also good to balance out electrolytes and water.

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