[22nd Sep] Resource Guarding

PUPPY TOP TIP OF THE DAY: Preventing resource guarding. So first of all what is resource guarding? Resource guarding is when a dog growls, covers, runs away with, wont let go of, goes stiff and freezers if a person or other dog goes to take something… [Read More]

[12th Aug] What makes us unique

What makes me (Lucy) and Les at Pawsitive Pooches unique in our training styles? Here is a little run down of how we believe Pawsitive Pooches is unique in what we do and how we do it  We do not have any employee’s, it is just us who run all our training… [Read More]

[09th Aug] Hot Weather Guide for Pooches

Phew! It has been a hot one today so I thought I would share some hints and tips to help you keep your pooch safe, happy and cool when the weather gets hot and what to do if your pooch starts to suffer from heat stroke. CARS: Dogs should never be left… [Read More]

[09th Aug] November Newsletter

In this issue: Dark nights. Cold and Wet Weather Locke Park Christmas Dog Show Training workshops and fun agility updates Doggie Christmas party Question and answer section Dark Nights In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street and in the… [Read More]

[09th Aug] Does not walking your dog make you a bad dog owner?

Does not walking your dog everyday make you a bad dog owner? When it comes to feeling guilty about our 4 legged friends, the most common reason for owners feeling guilty is when they haven’t walked their dog everyday of the week or have left them at home… [Read More]

[09th Aug] The window is closing, quick quick...or is it?

Please feel free to share and share your feelings/thoughts :) There is a rather hot topic in the dog world at the moment about the importance of socialising your puppy under the age of 12 weeks old. It is said that after this age your puppy is no longer… [Read More]

[09th Aug] October Newsletter

In this issue: Halloween Bonfire night Up and Coming Events October already! The ‘C’ word shall not be mentioned until the November edition. This edition will focus on Halloween and Bonfire night, two very exciting events for humans but not so much… [Read More]


So a few people have asked about what kind of methods I use for training and why, particularly when it comes to reactive dogs. This is going to be a long post but I promise it will be worth your time 🙂 I use positive reinforcement which is also known… [Read More]

[01st Jul] Our New Site

Welcome along to our new website! [Read More]