Personalised Training

Here at Pawsitive Pooches we like to be able to provide a service everyone can benefit from. Not everyone is able to attend training classes, attend 1-1's, physically train their dog or they may simply need extra help with their dogs training.

We offer two types of residential training: Walk n Train, where your dog stays with you overnight but spend time with me duing the day and Board N Train, where your dog lives with me and my dogs for a minimum of two weeks.

I have introduced new training packages where I train your dog for you and give you private class room based and hand on lessons to teach you, the dog’s owner, what training has been done and how to move forward and maintain the training. This is a MUST from the owner.

What happens/how to arrange training:

I will meet with you and discuss you and your dogs training needs in full and arrange what sessions are needed for both you

It could be a single training issue you need help with such as pulling on the lead, your dog not seeming to listen to anything, or more challenging behaviours such as reactivity towards people and dogs or aggression.


What can I train your dog to do?

  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Be non-reactive to people and dogs
  • Be more confident
  • All the basics - sit, stay, down...
  • Come back when called
  • Manners around other dogs and people and much more

Contact us today to see how I can help you: 07809 205 855,

What's included in the price?

  • Full report and plan
  • Daily reports
  • Pictures of training sessions
  • Training sessions recorded
  • Telephone and email support


Walk N Train

  • Initial Meeting 1.5 hours
  • 6 x 1 hour training sessions for your dog with me
  • 1 x training session handling my dogs to work on your timing and understanding
  • 2 x one to one training sessions for you and you dog together to 'handover'
  • 1 x group training class for both dog and owner to attend
  • 6 months worth of unlimited call/email support

£650 for full package, all sessions must be taken within 12 weeks.

All held at my training centre

Board N Train please contact me for a quote

Individual Training walks/sessions:

These are also were I train your dog for you

30 minute £25

45 Minute £35

1 Hour £45

Train N Daycare:

You would drop you dog off at my daycare centre for between 3-8 hours during the day to include walks, training, socialisation and more, £60 per day per dog.

Owner drops off and picks up.

Training takes place inside my training centre or nearby fields/walking areas depending on the training needed.

Contact for more information about these services on 07809 205 855 or