Group and one to one outdoor sessions:

These will take place at a prearranged public area in Barnsley where you can come along with your dog(s) and take part in either a group outdoor session of one to one with me.

These can help to improve your dogs social skills and any problems you have whilst out with your dog in the real world. There will be lots of training exercises and fun tasks arranged, which will make it a fun and enjoyable outing for you and your dog whilist improving your dogs behaviour in public.

These sessions are designed to help socialise your dog around other dogs, giving them positive experiences, whilst correcting any problematic behaviours in order to increase your bond, relationship and control around other dogs and people.

  • Includes on and off lead training/play (bring a long training line if your dog doesn't have great recall yet, no extendable leads!)
  • Training exercises to practice ourdoor commands
  • Socialisation, including traffic, older dogs, other animals, people and playtime
  • Training exercises to practice ourdoor commands
  • Learning focus around distractions
  • Work on recall

Reactive dogs

  • For dogs who bark at other dogs or people
  • For dogs who are shy/nervous around other dogs
  • All on lead!

Spaces must be pre-booked.

No in season bitches.

All dogs will remain on lead to begin with.

Walks will last around 1 hour, in quiet areas I know well with varying terrain.

Walks are £10 per dog paid on the day.

Contact me on 07809205855 or to book a place or make an enquiry.

Group/pack walks to help socialise dogs

''Went on the group walk this morning, really helped our dog who is scared of other dogs and will definitely be going again.''

Group/pack walks to help socialise dogs