Puppy Class

Contact me on 07809205855 or email pawsitive-pooches@hotmail.co.uk

One to one's start from £40 per hour or I have the following one to one packages for puppy's:

🐾 ONE TO ONE package, 5 X 45 minute sessions, £150 or 3 X 45 minute sessions for £90

🐾 3 x 45 minute sessions plus my online puppy course for £120

🐾 GROUP CLASS, maximum 6 dogs, 5 week course costing £65. Next courses are:

Held at my training field, S72 9DN

All sessions will adhere to COVID-19 health and safety, more details at time of booking

All classes are kept small, with no more than 6 dogs on each course.

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Contact me on 07809205855 or pawsitive-pooches@hotmail.co.uk

Puppy class

The sessions cover:

  • Basic obedience
  • Confidence building
  • Walking nicely on lead
  • Taking and swapping items
  • Socialisation
  • and lots more
  • Small class sizes
  • Certificates awarded at the end of the course.

£65 for 5 week course

Outdoor training S72 9DN

Contact me to book your place: 07809 205 855 or pawsitive-pooches.co.uk

Places are limited.

Please contact me to book a place or for more details.

''I'm so pleased to have been introduced to pawsitive pooches. The vet nurse at our practice recommended as she uses them herself, which is always a good recommendation in my book. My JRT Seamus is currently at puppy class and doing really really well. Just as important I am being taught how to train my pup correctly. The dogs are reward trained, no harsh words or pulling leads. They learn because they want to learn. My aim is for a well trained happy dog I feel I have a mentor now In Lucy who I can discuss any problems with. The advice is achievable and effective. No stress. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much Seamus and I can accomplish with guidance from these wonderful trainers''

Contact me on 07809205855 or pawsitive-pooches@hotmail.co.uk

Everything Puppy!

Puppy's is an area of dog training which I specialise in the most. Getting the training right from the beginning will help to shape your pup into the family member you want them to be. This is where my skills, knowledge and experience comes into play to guide you into getting the most from your pup.

I offer a range of dedicated puppy packages designed to give you and your puppy a fantastic head start and take the stress out of training your pup to be your perfect family pet or to help you resolve any issues you are facing with your new pup.

Contact me on 07809205855 or email pawsitive-pooches.co.uk

Puppy Training

Getting a new family member in the form of a puppy can be an immensely rewarding experience, and a great addition to your family. At the same time it can be the most stressful and daunting time for you as a dog owner, with many owners not knowing what to do or where to go when their cute puppy starts biting the kids, weeing all over the house and barking at everything, resulting in a miserable life for both you and your puppy and the possibility of you feeling you have to find a new home for your puppy.

Between 12 weeks and 18 months old is the time when most dogs are found a new home by owners who haven’t had the support and guidance they needed to prevent issues from cropping up or put things right.

By joining me today through 1-1 training sessions and group classes, I will be with you every step of the way so you never take a wrong turn, with support and guidance.

Contact me on 07809205855 or email pawsitive-pooches@hotmail.co.uk

I will teach you:

•House training

•Crate and confinement training

•Basic commands



•Loose lead walking

•Challenges and changes you will face as your pup grows

•Breed traits


•Socialisation and Habituation

•First walk

•Puppy’s and kids

And lots lots more

Contact me today to book you and your family in for your 1-1 consultation or training class.

07809 205 855

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Contact: Lucy, 07809 205 855

Lucy also has a range of books available:

Click here to view Reliable Recall My lot

Books are also available for Housetraining and Socialisation

puppy classes barnsley

puppy classes barnsley

puppy classes barnsley

puppy classes barnsley